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Gold Coast Business Brokers

Business brokers are a conduit for the sale of a business or to buy a business. In other words, a vendor and a purchaser respectively. They help smooth the journey of the sale between the two parties.

Furthermore, a business brokerage on the Gold Coast can scan the sales across every location throughout South East Queensland for impressive businesses for sale in any industry. All this is done under the direction of the purchaser. Buyer parameters like size, location, and specific industries are considered in depth.

For this service, the business broker charges a fee. This fee or commission is based on the price paid for the business.

What do Australian Business Brokers do Exactly?

Analysis of Buyer Intent

To begin, a business broker will assess the buyer’s needs, passions, and interests. A selection of worthwhile businesses will then be found and presented to the buyer. Furthermore, a business broker can use skills and analytics to assess other types of businesses for acquisition the buyer may be interested in but haven’t yet thought about.

Risk Avoidance

Not all businesses for sale are what they seem on the Gold Coast. With the help of specialist business brokers, you can avoid the pitfalls of rushing into a rouge operation. A broker worth his or her salt will turn down the purchase if any discrepancies are suspected. Bad financial records, debt, overpricing, or generally poor condition, a disastrous result can be evaded.

Every aspect of the business will endure scrutiny over things like debt and asset holdings. This is more so when buying a manufacturing company. The more effort and investing you show has happened, the more confidence the buyer will have. Buyers are sure to want to see good numbers and quality records.

Paperwork Agency

Specialist business brokers know the law. They have expertise in the details of all types of regulations, agreements, lease contracts, copyright, and bankrolls. A savvy broker’s knowledge will cut through those issues and smooth out the process. This smoothing helps cut time and avoids hidden costs like a large fee sneaking up on the buyer. Australia is world-famous for red tape and bureaucracy. You can cut the tape with a broker. They may even bring scissors!

When it comes to the paperwork of the company, the vendor will need to go through the books with a fine-tooth comb and eliminate any costs, outgoings, or expenditure that might affect the sales price when it comes to negotiations. A good broker will set out the statistics in a clear format. This helps the valuation and the confidence of the buyer.


During the negotiation of a business sale between buyers and business sellers, a broker with solid experience will help both parties make sure all boxes are ticked and timekeeping adhered to. This is truly what a broker is for and why their expertise is worth its weight in gold, while attaining the greatest value for business sales.

Business Broker Gold Coast

Good at Keeping Secrets

You are not going to want to lose the sale because of any external issue. People can cause bumps in the road. With business brokers, you can sell your business confident in the knowledge the sale is kept quiet until signing of the contract. Confidentiality is an integral part of the service.

Staff, customers, and even suppliers are not informed. And when they are, your broker will advise on the best path to go when breaking the news. They will have extensive experience in the reactions and fears of peripheral people.

Sales Administrator

Responsibility is key with a good business broker. The professional services offered include filing all paperwork. Timing of paperwork is essential in all business sales and a good broker will know when and where to do it.

Legal counsel, accounting, banking, all these things are well within the remit of a good broker. When dealing with property, the complete range of paperwork relevant to leases and buildings will be assessed and completed. A good broker knows how to coordinate all the factions for quick and smooth completion. Any outstanding issues will be noted and discussed with the new owner.

The Numbers Game

The accounting processes of the business being sold will come under scrutiny. Different companies run different accounting policies. Some aim for the conservative profit structure while others are all out earnings. Proving the maximisation of profits will work well when agreeing on a final sales price.

A good broker will be able to guide you through the easiest reader-friendly way to showcase all previous successes. Profit and loss accounting for two to four years is a must as are the details of any commercial advantages, patents pending, industry-leading tech or innovations. These will all add to the overall price people will be willing to pay.

Sales Preparation

Opportunities to sell your business will need to be pounced on. The best business brokers on the Gold Coast will work hand-in-hand with the seller to prepare their firms for sale and navigate the entire process to a successful conclusion. The Gold Coast is always a great place to look for long-running business success. Thus, business sales in this area need an expert hand. Business owners wanting to sell a business can achieve a higher price when working with a local broker.

This preparation is called an Exit Planning Strategy. A good broker will create a good strategy, this work-up will mean better compensation for the seller and a timely conclusion. The outcome is an award with which the broker goes forth to another client. A broker’s profile is as good as the last sale. This means total dedication to executing the deal. Bearing this and statistics in mind, a broker with panache can raise the selling price by up to 20%.


A broker’s qualifications will mean selling advice is on point with no waffle. An experienced broker can tell the buyer’s intent. Things like someone who’s just browsing and can tell the serious players from the tire kickers. Financial acumen and knowledge of the location and industry in question are good giveaways as to the potential of the sale.

Business Sales Plan

The time will come for the signing and the handover. One gives money the other the business and all within. The sales plan and documentation must be impeccable and irrefutable. This is where the expertise of the broker really shines. After which a marketing plan ensues. These things must be completed before putting a business up on the market.

The vendor must ensure the company books are up to date. The buyer and his team will need to see clear and precise facts and figures relating to all aspects of the business. The buyer needs a clear picture of the company’s operations. Your broker will ensure these basic demands are met and even surpassed. Also, the broker will offer ways to explain key things or issues surrounding the company and its dealings to the experts on the buyer’s end.

In Conclusion

If you looking to buy or sell a wholesale or retail business in the Gold Coast region then a leading and experienced broker is a must. Professionalism and experience is needed to complete a successful handover to achieve a premium price.

Marc Phillips can deal with any South East Queensland business sale and all the important things that go with it. Marc has fifteen years experience in all manner of company sales and acquisitions. CONTACT him today. For Brisbane enquiries click this link.

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