Everything You Need to Know About Business Brokers… but were too afraid to ask!

Everything You Need to Know About Business Brokers

Business brokers serve as the go-between for buyers and sellers of businesses. With a background in business consulting, they can help with market research to provide you with an idea about what kind of industry or price range is best suited for your needs.

They will also do due diligence on both parties’ end to make sure that information is accurate before closing deals between the two parties efficiently without any hassles.

In these efficient times where everything can be served to us on platter, naturally even business broking has evolved to be a good way to solve such concerns by being the bridge between the buyer and seller.

Business brokers help with the business buying and selling processes by covering all aspects of it. Let’s understand how and discover all about business brokers in more detail!

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Business buyers often face a lot of difficulties when they go out to buy their dream company. This is because there are difficult legalities involved that can take months or years for completion if not handled properly.

On the other hand, businesses wishing to sell need extensive marketing strategies and capital required before someone will even consider purchasing them at all which might be time consuming as well depending upon what type of industry you’re dealing in (such as health care). Not only do these things eat up precious resources but also affect both parties mentally, making negotiations more arduous than necessary probably resulting in failure altogether.

About Business Brokers

Business brokers help businesses to buy and sell their business. They are important because there have been increased regulations for buying or selling of companies which make it complicated, confusing, difficult etc… Businesses should look out or get referrals for skilled professional who can guide them through this process with ease.

The Bridge

Business brokers serve as a connection between the business buyer and seller, narrowing down opportunities for both parties. They do this by understanding how to analyse each party’s needs so they can connect them accordingly.

Duties of a Business Broker

The duties of being a business broker are not easy considering the negotiations, skilfulness and frequent meetings that need to be held in order for both parties to agree on price.

Some major duties include evaluating businesses, providing advice to sellers who want their companies sold as well as finding potential buyers so multiple negotiations can occur until an offer is reached with agreeable terms by all involved.

Due diligence must also take place before any official agreement between seller and buyer takes effect which includes drafting necessary documentation while assisting throughout the entire process right up until deal closure occurs.

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Arriving at a fair price

Getting a buyer and seller to agree on price is not an easy task. There are negotiations, deals, and professional cajoling involved in order for both parties to come up with terms that work best for them.

Arriving at a fair price requires many complicated moves from the dealmakers – those who negotiate between two sides of business transactions: buyers and sellers. These professionals have expertise in their specific fields which allows them enough knowledge regarding what should be expected or negotiated by each side during this process.

Careful consideration is taken to not compromise the benefits given either way so as neither party feels cheated nor taken advantage of at any point during these important conversations where they may even resort to tactics such as bargaining or pressuring one another until finally hitting upon common ground towards mutually beneficial.


A business broker typically earns a percentage of the sale price as commission from his client. This can be anywhere between 10 and 20 percent, depending on market conditions and other factors such as size and location of the business for advertisement purposes.


There are two main categories of business brokers, mostly focusing on the point of support they provide:

  1. Seller side brokers work with those who own businesses and help them to sell their companies.
  2. Buyer Side Brokers assist buyers in purchasing a company that is already for sale.


Business brokers face many challenges such as maintaining confidentiality, working with advisors and buyers, pricing a business fairly and arriving at financing for the buyer. Some of their biggest hurdles include:

  • Reaching common ground to gain access to confidential information
  • Striking cordial terms that benefit all parties involved in negotiations
  • Coming up with an accurate price when dealing with under qualified or overzealous bidders

Marc Phillips Business Broker are the leading business broker in South East Queensland. They have established a strong name for themselves because of their high professional ethos and history of success. Operating out of Toowoomba, they offer customers an attractive proposition that caters to both buyers’ and sellers’ needs when it comes to selling or buying businesses.

A business broker would help you find the right buyer for your company. They are professionals who have years of experience in the industry and possess an extensive network throughout South East Queensland’s marketplaces, which means that they can provide advice on how to sell or buy a business with confidence.

Note that it is not necessary to pay any fees if you are looking to engage with a local business broker to use their services, because Marc Phillips Business Brokers provides ‘obligation-free’ advisory services.

The experts at Marc Phillip’s Business Brokerage company offer obligation-free professional advice about buying and selling businesses, so visit them online – https://www.marcphillips.com.au/ or contact directly by phone +61 455 150 990.

Everything You Need to Know About Business Brokers… but were too afraid to ask!

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